Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gearing Up For Howloween

While I don't usually stock dog "clothes" per se as a regular item in my line, I've done some Costumes by request and decided this year I'd try a couple in my Etsy Shop to see how they do.

The costume in the top picture was inspired by a recent memory of my first Basset, Shirley. One year she was very angry with me for making her a witch costume when she had been a princess the year before. It just wasn't glamorous enough for her. :) So I tried to glam up a witch concept with this costume. But when it was all finished, it looked more wizard, sorcerer, alchemist-y to me, so given my love for a bad pun and a suggestion from DH, I named it Nose-tradamus after the famous French seer.

Having a costume for a male dog, of course inspired me to make another one more fitting for a girly dog. I decided to stay with a midevial theme and another bad pun, thus the birth of Damsel In Dis-Dress. I just couldn't help myself, what can I say?

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