Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coats for Basset Hounds...or Any Other Breed

When the air turns chilly, many short haired dogs feel it and appreciate the warmth of a snuggly fleece coat.

Basset owners, however, are many times faced with a problem. The mass produced coats in pet supply stores just don't fit the Basset's unique body type. Some are long enough in the body, but either too small or too big in the chest area, or vice versa.

Our coats eliminate that issue. They're fully adjustable at the front to accommodate a Basset's full barrel chest, and we make them to order, so you'll also get just the right length. They're also reversible and you can choose which two fabrics you'd like. It's like getting two looks in one, plus double the warmth. We make rain coats as well.

We don't just make our coats for Bassets. We make them for any breed.
Stop by our Website and check out the fabrics we have available. We'd love to make your dog's next coat.


Tricia said...

Oh that coat looks so cute and warm!!! Great workmanship! I need to get a coat for Lulu or make one, since it's getting colder!

Howlin' Hounds said...

Thanks, Tricia!
LuLu would look adorable in a coat and I'm sure it gets darned cold up there in the Great White North!

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