Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Leaders (and Followers) of the Pack

I guess I'll start by introducing the cast of characters that share and have shared my life. I've had seven Bassets over the years, all of them "second hand dogs," one from her prior owner and the rest through rescue.

Here they are, in chronological order.....Drum roll, please.


I adopted Shirley directly from her previous owner at nearly a year of age. She was a human trapped in a dog's body. If she had thumbs, she would have ruled the world.

SOPHIE (atb)

Sophie came to us through rescue after two previous homes. Despite that, she had an amazing lust for life and food of any kind, but especially fruit. Bananas ruled! Her goofy happy demeanor are what made Sophie....Sophie. :)

BARNEY (atb)

Barney was another rescue who lived the first 11 years of his life outside tied to his doghouse, used as a stud dog for a backyard breeder. Once he made his way to rescue, his gentle soul could shine and he became a star. He made an appearance on the Today Show with Warren Eckstein while in foster care. After becoming ours, he was crowned King of the Allentown Basset Picnic and Grand Marshall of BoardWaddle 2002. He will always be King of our Hearts.

MAGGIE (atb)

Maggie was rescued at 9 years old. She came to us very angry and withdrawn, but soon blossomed into a well adjusted girl with a quirky sense of humor. She was deaf, so we always said that she marched to the beat of a different drummer because she couldn't hear the same one everyone else was marching to. :)


Jingle is the dog nobody wanted. In fact, her last home was so impatient to give her up, they returned her to rescue at the annual reunion picnic. We brought her home as a foster that night, and she's been ours ever since. She worshipped the ground Sophie walked on, and is the sweetest little cuddle bug you'll ever find.

ROY (atb)

Roy was picked up as a stray and estimated to be 10 years old when we adopted him. He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved tennis balls. If you were too busy to play at the moment, it was ok, he'd happily toss the ball in the air himself and fetch it. He also loved his bath more than almost anything....except his Mom. :) He'd moan in ecstasy while being scrubbed, rinsed and dried and when he was done, he'd shoot you a look like...."What? It's OVER???? He was also a thief and a master at hiding our, gloves, etc. out in the yard. He knew where he'd stashed everything too and if you got too close to where his treasures were buried he'd have to move them to a new "safe place."


Mabel found her way to rescue after her original owner had to go into a nursing home and the sister who took her in didn't want her any longer. She was turned outside for the day and kept in a finished basement at night. Mabel apparently wasn't happy with her situation either, because she kept escaping out a hole in the fence. She came to us at age 9, is now 14 and is an absolute joy and always a perfect lady. She's also very good at giving you a good slap when she wants your attention. :)

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